Flume starts but does nothing (Cloudera)

When configuring Flume in Cloudera Manager, and starting the service/agent, you may notice that the agent log will write roughly 10 lines, and then sit idle.

When inspecting the log, you may see something similar to the following:

2019-08-09 15:19:52,028 WARN org.apache.flume.conf.FlumeConfiguration: Agent configuration for 'interset_ad_events_0_0_es' has no configfilters.
2019-08-09 15:19:52,045 INFO org.apache.flume.conf.FlumeConfiguration: Post-validation flume configuration contains configuration for agents: [interset_ad_events_0_0_es]
2019-08-09 15:19:52,046 WARN org.apache.flume.node.AbstractConfigurationProvider: No configuration found for this host:flumees

In this scenario, the key things to focus on are "Agent configuration for 'name_here'" and "No configuration found for this host:flumees".

In this scenario, the Flume agent name defined in a distinct property within Cloudera Manager was "flumees", however the Flume configuration file was referencing the agent name as "interset_ad_events_0_0_es".

These two values must match for the config to be accepted.

In this scenario, the resolution is to update the agent name within Cloudera Manager to match the generated configuration file (i.e. change it to "interset_ad_events_0_0_es").

Note: This is specifically in reference to the "Flume Agent Name" value, which is distinct from the actual service name in Cloudera Manager. The service name can be set to anything you wish.

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