Smart Sense May Fail to Start Following Ambari 2.6 Upgrade

Smart Sense may fail to start with the following error:

Failed to execute command: /usr/sbin/hst activity-analyzer start ; Exit code: 1; stdout: activity-analyzer service is configured to run as user: intersetdefault:interset
; stderr: su: user intersetdefault:interset does not exist


If this appears, modify /etc/smartsense-activity/conf/activity.ini on the Master node(s) where it is present, and comment out the "" parameter. For example:


[analyzer] = interset

[analyzer] = interset

Additionally, this issue may manifest its self with Activity Explorer:

Failed to execute command: export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.8.0_131; /usr/sbin/hst activity-explorer start ; Exit code: 1; stdout: activity-explorer service is configured to run as user: default:interset
; stderr: su: user default:interset does not exist

In this scenario, this can be resolved with the following steps:

  1. Go to Ambari and log in as an administrator user (e.g. admin)
  2. Navigate to the SmartSense service and go to the Configs tab
  3. Go to Advanced, and select "Advanced activity-zeppelin-env"
  4. Change "export RUN_AS_USER={{run_as_user}}" to "export RUN_AS_USER=interset"

Following this, restart Smart Sense via Ambari.

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