5.6 Datasource Compatability

Supported Data Sources

Interset 5.6.0 supports the following data sources. For .csv data sources, the delimiter can be customized.

  • Active Directory
    • Active Directory event logs stored in Splunk®
    • Active Directory event logs stored in HP Arcsight Logger
    • Active Directory event logs stored in McAfee® Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)
    • Active Directory event logs stored in IBM QRadar
    • Windows Security event logs (.csv)
      • Interset-extracted Windows event logs (.csv)
      • Universal Windows event logs (.csv)
      • Windows Event Viewer-extracted event logs (.csv)
    • Universal authentication logs
  • Universal Alerts stored in third-party DLP systems (.csv)
  • NetFlow
    • Version 5
    • Version 9
    • Version 10 (IPFIX)
  • Repository
    • Perforce
      • P4AUDIT logs
      • Perforce Structured Server audit logs
    • GitHub Enterprise audit logs
    • Universal repository logs (.csv)
  • Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) AuditD logs (.csv)
  • Printer logs
    • Windows printer events stored in Splunk
    • Windows event logs (.csv)
    • Universal logs (.csv)
  • Universal Web Proxy (.csv)
  • Endpoint data
  • Violations
  • Expense Data
  • Email Data
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