How to "Re-create the Interset Reporting database"


How do I recreate the Interset Reporting database?


The Interset Reporting database is used to stores information on role permission, tenants, workflow rules, themes, users and their respective association (i.e. user to role, user to tenant); it does not store any ingested data that is going to be analyzed. If the Interset Reporting database is deleted or corrupted, this needs to be recreated in order to regain access to the Reporting UI, Analytics results, Workflow rules, etc.

This "How to" article provides the steps on how to recreate the Interset Reporting database.


Below are steps that need to be performed on the Interset Reporting Node. 

NOTE: The steps below assumes Interset Reporting is not configured to use LDAP or SAML.

  1. SSH to the REPORTING NODE as the Interset User.
  2. Type in the following command to stop Interset Reporting process:
    • For EL6
      • sudo service reporting stop
    • For EL7
      • sudo systemctl stop reporting
  3. Type in the following command to recreate the default Interset Reporting database:
    • java -jar /opt/interset/lib/interset-api.jar db migrate /opt/interset/etc/investigator.yml
  4. Once the database is recreated, please type in the following command to start the Interset Reporting process:
    • For EL6
      • sudo service reporting start
    • For EL7
      • sudo systemctl start reporting
  5. Once Interset Reporting has started successfully, open up a web browser, and navigate to the Interset Reporting UI URL:
  6. Log in to the Reporting UI with the following credentials. The default login credentials are:
    • username: admin
    • password: password
      • NOTE: When the Interset Reporting database was recreated, the login credentials are set to factory defaults. 

Applies To

  • Interset 5.4.x or higher
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