Data ingest is taking a long time to complete


Data ingest is taking a long time to complete


There are various causes of why data ingest could take a long time. It is best to perform the following steps to investigate the if data ingest is still succeeding:

  • Step 1: Check ingest directory and content ownership
  • Step 2: Check Flume logs

NOTE: These steps are provided as a reference point to help with troubleshooting ingest issues. These steps do not encompass all potential solutions. If these steps do not resolve the issue, please contact Interset Support (

The following Flume logs will be investigated to monitor data ingestion progress:

  • flume-interset_<ds>_events_<did>_<tid>_csv_transform.log
  • flume-interset_<ds>_events_<did>_<tid>_es.log
  • flume-interset_<ds>_events_<did>_<tid>_hbase.log
  • flume-interset_<ds>_raw_<did>_<tid>_csv_multiline_extract.log

Resolution Steps

NOTE: This information is only useful for CSV data ingest using Flume 

Step 1: Check Flume logs

The first step is to ensure that the process of data ingestion is still running by searching for the following parameter:

  • EventPutSuccessCount - this parameter is the count of events/records that Flume processes successfully.

Please perform the steps below to confirm that data ingestion is still in progress

  1. SSH to the STREAM NODE as the Interset User.
  2. Type in the following command to navigate to the Flume log (/var/log/flume) directory:
    • cd /var/log/flume
  3. Type in the following command to view the respective Flume log file:
    • sudo less less flume_interset_<log_name>.log
  4. Type in the following to look for the EventPutSuccessCount parameter in the log file:
    • / EventPutSuccessCount
  5. The value of EventPutSuccessCount should be incrementing higher until it data is ingested completely (for CSV file ingest).
    • EXAMPLE: EventPutSuccessCount = 352403
  6. To jump to the next EventPutSuccessCount in the log file, one must just type in the following to jump:
    • n
  7. Perform steps 1 to 5 again for the other Flume logs listed above.
  8. If the EventPutSuccessCount is incrementing, please be patient until the data ingest is completed.
  9. If the EventPutSuccessCount is NOT incrementing, or if there is an error in the flume logs, please see the “My data ingest is failing” KB article.

Applies To

  • Interset 5.4.x or higher 
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