Linux commands are failing to execute during installation


When attempting to execute the command as the Interset user, the following error message is outputted:

  • [interset@<hostname> ~]$ <command>
    -bash: <command>: command not found 


This is generally caused because either the RPM for the specific command does not exist (not installed), or the user does not have the permission to execute the command. 

Resolution Steps

Validate command and user has privilege to execute

  1. Log on to the affected node(s)/system(s) as a user with root privileges.
  2. Type in the failed command to verify if a user with root privileges can execute the command.
    • If command executes - the Interset user has not been granted sufficient privilege to execute said command. Please grant the Interset user the permission to execute said command
    • If command does not execute - please continue with the steps below.
  3. Type in the command to check which rpm package provides the command that is failing:
    • sudo yum provides <command>
  4. Take the output of the RPM package name, and type in the following command to install the RPM:
    • sudo yum install <rpm package name>
  5. Once the RPM package is installed, type in the command and its syntax to verify it exists. Ensure the Interset user is also granted privilege to execute the command.

Applies To

  • Interset 5.4.x or higher
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