How To: Create a Local Yum Repository for Interset 5.0 Installation

The attached script can be executed on your local repository server to automatically create the required directories, .repo files, and sync with the Interset repository.

Please note that the following variables in the script should be updated:

interset_repo - Please contact Interset support for credentials to access the Interset repository.
localrepopath - This should point to the root directory of your local repository's web server.
url_prefix - This should be set to either "http://" or "https://" depending on how you have configured your local mirror's web server.

Once these variables have been set appropriately, you can run the script (e.g. sudo ./ and it should configure everything on your local machine.

Please ensure that the user you are running the script as has write access to the value specified in localrepopath, and has sudo access as the script may need to install two packages related to repo creation (yum-utils and createrepo).

Note that there are two versions of this script - one for EL6, and one for EL7 platforms. While these scripts will run on either release (EL6 or EL7) they will only create and sync the repos necessary for the chosen release.

Important Notes:

  • The Interset installation also requires access to the CentOS/RHEL base repository in order to retrieve multiple dependencies that are not bundled with the Interset mirror. Please ensure that this is available either by manual mirroring of the repository, or through the use of an RHEL satellite server.
  • Each node in the Interset cluster will need to be able to access the local repositories.
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