How To: Confirm that no services run as root

By default, Ambari will run as root on your Ambari server. In many cases, running services as root is unacceptable, and potentially gaining root access (or root access via SSH) is not practical or permitted. In this type of scenario, we recommend using a user called "ambari" instead.

This user must have a UID > 1000, must have passwordless sudo access, and must be present on all servers in the Interset cluster.

To create the user - use the attached script. Note that this script is provided solely as an example and has no implicit support or guarantees with regard to functionality.

To configure Ambari to run as "ambari" instead of "root" -

  1. SSH to the Ambari node
  2. Run "ambari-server setup"
  3. When prompted for "Customize user account for ambari-server daemon [y/n] (n)?" enter "y"
  4. When prompted for "Enter user account for ambari-server daemon (root):" enter "ambari"
  5. Continue the configuration as per the Interset Installation & Configuration Guide.
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