Unable to log in to Investigator

There are three reasons that a user may encounter issues logging in to Investigator:

  1. Incorrect credentials are being provided.
  2. An incorrect URL is being used to access Investigator.
  3. The Investigator credential database has become corrupt.

Most commonly the cause is item #2 on the list above, so this article will primarily focus on that, and will also outline how to restore the credential database in the event that it becomes corrupted.


An Incorrect URL is being used to access Investigator

Generally servers will have multiple ways of being identified, e.g. IP address, short name, FQDN, or multiples of each of these.

Investigator will only permit access from a specific hostname that is defined in /opt/interset/etc/investigator.yml in the interset-cookie section. If the cookie generated on the login attempt does not match the hostname specified in domain the login will be rejected.

Note that while this value can be configured to anything desired, it can only be a single value.

If you need to change this value, simply make the change in the investigator.yml file and restart Investigator by running monit investigator restart on the reporting node.


The Investigator credential database has become corrupt

Investigator runs an embedded database to store the credentials of users (e.g. root, admin, user, etc... as well as any additional users/tenants provisioned through swagger-ui). In extremely rare scenarios the file used for storage of this database can become corrupted.

The file in question is located at /opt/interset/reporting/

It is recommended that you create a backup of this file after you create your desired tenants and/or adjust credentials.

If this file has become corrupted, and no backup is available, please contact to obtain a default version of the file. 

Note that if you revert back to the original version of this file you will need to recreate the Analytics_0 and Workflow_0 users, and update the associated configuration files with the new authentication tokens. Additionally, note that even if this file is reverted back to its original version the underlying data used for analytics and Investigator is unaffected, this database only handles credential information and Investigator user association to specific tenants within the Interset system.


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