Unable to Start Reporting - Changelog Lock



The reporting server won’t restart. It appears to hang when running the “db migrate” step.


The reporting.log contains lines like this:


INFO  [2016-08-24 13:36:53,331] liquibase: Waiting for changelog lock....

INFO  [2016-08-24 13:37:03,333] liquibase: Waiting for changelog lock....

INFO  [2016-08-24 13:37:13,334] liquibase: Waiting for changelog lock....

INFO  [2016-08-24 13:37:23,335] liquibase: Waiting for changelog lock....

ERROR [2016-08-24 13:37:26,612] org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.ConnectionPool: Unable to create initial connections of pool.

! java.lang.IllegalStateException: The file is locked: nio:/opt/interset/reporting/ [1.4.178/7]

! at org.h2.mvstore.DataUtils.newIllegalStateException( ~[reporting-interset~g772ebb80289a5a5d017d8044b721bc1a59f2202e~42.jar:na]

! at ~[reporting-interset~g772ebb80289a5a5d017d8044b721bc1a59f2202e~42.jar:na]

! ... 29 common frames omitted

! Causing: org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Database may be already in use: "/opt/interset/reporting/". Possible solutions: close all other connection(s); use the server mode [90020-178]

! at org.h2.message.DbException.getJdbcSQLException( ~[reporting-interset~g772ebb80289a5a5d017d8044b721bc1a59f2202e~42.jar:na]

! at org.h2.message.DbException.get( ~[reporting-interset~g772ebb80289a5a5d017d8044b721bc1a59f2202e~42.jar:na]




This will happen if the database is locked. The database might be legitimately locked (e.g. if another reporting server process is already running and using it), or it might be a stale lock left over from a previous run which was killed part-way through.




Check whether other reporting service instances are running. If you want to force the removal of the lock then follow these steps:


java -cp /opt/interset/lib/investigator.jar


It will ask a series of questions.


  URL: jdbc:h2:/opt/interset/reporting/investigator-db

  Driver: (hit ENTER)

  User: sa

  Password: sa


In the shell issue this command:


  drop table databasechangeloglock;


Exit with ‘exit’. You should now be able to successfully start the reporting server.

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