How To: Set project depth for "Generic Repo" data sources

Project depth can be set for Generic Repo sources by defining a value in the "PROJECT" field of the CSV format (e.g. PROJECT4 for a depth of 4, PROJECT8 for a depth of 8).

For example, a full string being used to parse generic repo files could be: _,_,_,TIMESTAMP,_,_,USER,_,_,CLIENT_IP,_,_,_,ACTION,PROJECT4,_

and the value that would be used in the Flume configuration file in full, for a tenant ID of "0", would be:

interset_repo_events_0_csv.sources.dirSource.interceptors.repoCsvInterceptor.csvFormat = _,_,_,PERFORCE_TIMESTAMP,_,_,USER,_,_,CLIENT_IP,_,_,_,ACTION,PROJECT4,_

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