Analytics Schema Creation Fails With "Unable to obtain Jdbc connection from DataSource (jdbc:phoenix:localhost) for user '': SYSTEM.CATALOG"

If the Analytics schema has to be recreated, you may encounter this error when attempting to run the --action migrate and and --action migrate_aggregates commands.

Generally, this would be caused by the Hadoop data node having been formatted, resulting in all HBase data being deleted, and the need for the schema to be recreated. A side effect of this, is that ZooKeeper also needs to be "cleaned" to remove stale references to tables.

To resolve this:

- Stop all HMaster and RegionServer instances using --stop master, and --stop regionserver commands on their respective servers.

Note - Do not stop ZooKeeper.

- Run the following command from the bin directory of the HMaster server: ./hbase clean --cleanZk

Once this command has completed successfully, restart the HBase services (e.g., and re-run the commands.

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