PDF Reports Fail to Generate from Investigator UI

If PDF reports are failing to generate from the Investigator UI, there are several items to review.


Review the logs at /tmp/reportGen

If a report fails to generate, there are numerous artifacts that will remain at /tmp/reportGen on the Reporting server. This may provide valuable information with regard to the failure (e.g. missing libraries/errors), but should also be provided to Interset support ( in the event that the issue cannot be resolved with this document.


Confirm that PDF dependencies have been installed

Run the yum info fontpackages-filesystem (RHEL/CentOS) or dpkg -s fontpackages-filesystem (Ubuntu) to confirm that the required package(s) are installed.


Confirm that the setupReportsEnvironment_<platform>.sh script has been run

This script is located in /opt/interset/reporting/reportGen/scripts, however it must be invoked from the /opt/interset/reporting/reportGen directory otherwise it will not complete successfully.

If the dependencies have been confirmed as installed, try rerunning this script from the reportGen directory using the scripts/setupReportsEnvironment_<platform>.sh command, where <platform> is rhel (RHEL/CentOS) or deb (Ubuntu).

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