Basic Endpoint Commands & Resources (3.0)


Install location - /opt/interset/zookeeper-3.4.6
                         - Symlink @ /opt/interset/zookeeper

Config file - /opt/interset/zookeeper/conf/zoo.cfg

Start Zookeepersudo service zookeeper start

Stop Zookeepersudo service zookeeper stop

Confirm Zookeeper is running sudo service zookeeper status



Install location - /opt/interset/kafka_2.
                         - Symlink @ /opt/interset/kafka

Config file - /opt/interset/kafka/config/

Logs directory - /data/interset/kafka-logs

Start Kafkasudo service kafka start

Stop Kafkasudo service kafka stop

Confirm Kafka is runningsudo service kafka status



Install location - /etc/cassandra/

Config files - /etc/cassandra/default.conf/cassandra.yaml

                   - /etc/cassandra/default.conf/

Logs directory - /var/log/cassandra/

Start Cassandrasudo service cassandra start

Stop Cassandra sudo service cassandra stop

Confirm Cassandra is runningnodetool –h localhost status



Install location - /opt/interset/flow_4.5.0.4583

                         - Symlink @ /opt/interset/flow

Config file - /opt/interset/flow/conf/flowd_admin.passwd

Start Flowsudo service flow start

Stop Flowsudo service flow stop

Confirm Flow is running – http://<ANALYTICS_SERVER>:8000/system/info


Rules Engine

Install location - /opt/interset/eventrules_4.5.0.442

                         - Symlink @ /opt/interset/eventrules

Config file - /opt/interset/eventrules/conf/eventrules.cfg

Logs directory - /opt/interset/eventrules/logs/

Start Rulessudo service rules start

Stop Rulessudo service rules stop

Confirm Rules is running – less /opt/interset/eventrules/logs/eventrules.log



Install location - /etc/nginx

Config file - /etc/nginx/conf.d/nginx.conf

Logs directory - /var/log/nginx/

Start nginx sudo service nginx start

Stop nginx sudo service nginx stop

Confirm nginx is running sudo service nginx status



Install Location - /etc/elasticsearch

Config file - /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml

Start ElasticSearchsudo service elasticsearch start

Stop ElasticSearchsudo service elasticsearch stop

Confirm ElasticSearch is running sudo service elasticsearch status



Install location - /opt/interset/reporting/search-linux-x64

Config file - /opt/interset/reporting/search-linux-x64/config/kibana.yml

Start Kibananohup /opt/interset/reporting/search-linux-x64/bin/kibana &

Stop Kibanakill <pid>

  • pid for Kibana must be returned using ps –ef |grep kibana

Confirm Kibana is running – http://<REPORTING_SERVER>/search

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