Basic Reporting/Investigator Commands & Resources

Install location - /opt/interset/reporting-
                      - Symlink @ /opt/interset/reporting

Config file - /opt/interset/reporting/investigator.yml

Logs directory - /opt/interset/reporting/logs

Start Reportingnohup java -jar /opt/interset/reporting/investigator-3-SNAPSHOT.jar server /opt/interset/reporting/investigator.yml &

Stop Reportingkill <pid>
- pid is returned by jps, noted below

Confirm Reporting is runningjps
- Look for “investigator-3-SNAPSHOT.jar”

Reporting web interface – http://<REPORTING_SERVER>/

PDF Reporting
Confirm dependencies are installedyum info fontpackages-filesystem

  • Output should list fontpackages-filesystem under “Installed Packages”

Confirm script has been run - /opt/interset/reporting/reportGen/scripts/setupReportsEnvironment_<platform>.sh

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