Interset Sensor on OS X is Unable to Connect via AD Authentication - SSL connect error (35)

In the Agent's Agent.log file (/Users/<username>/Library/Logs/FileTrek/Agent.log), the following error is seen: 

Curl request failed. Curl error msg/code is: SSL connect error (35) url=<ENDPOINT_SERVER>

This is caused by the ssl_ciphers settings used in the nginx configuration with our default nginx.conf file.


To correct this issue:

  • Logon to the Flow server 
  • Edit the '/etc/nginx/conf.d/flow.conf' file 
  • Look for the line 'ssl_ciphers ...' 
  • Change that line to;


  • Restart nginx (sudo service nginx restart)

Following this, the Sensor instances deployed to OS X should be able to properly authenticate when the user is logged in with an Active Directory account.

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