Remove All My Data And Start Again?

To clear out all of the data, follow the steps below. Note that this removes all ingested data, and that the data can't be recovered.

Removing Analytic Data

Stop HBase:

Stop ingest, by running jps, finding the PID for the 'ingest' process and kilingl it.

Remove HBase data:

hadoop fs -rm -r /hbase

Remove ZooKeeper data:

rm -fr /opt/interset/data/hbase/zookeeper

Restart HBase:

Rebuild the HBase schema:

cd /opt/interset/analytics/bin

./ --dbServer localhost --action migrate     

Restart ingest:


At this point you have removed all log data. Note that if the analytics had previously been run and the data was visible in the reporting UI, then the reporting UI will continue to show the old data until the analytics phase is run again, even if new data is ingested.

After ingesting new data, you can either wait for the scheduled analytics phase to run (usually nightly), or you can run the analytics phase immediately:


After the analytics phase completes, the reporting UI will automatically refresh to show the new data.

Removing User Data

The tenant and user login records are stored in /opt/interset/reporting/ To clear this data simply delete this file.

To recreate the file run:

cd /opt/interset/reporting

java -jar investigator-x.x.x.jar db migrate investigator.yml

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