Interset 5.4.1

The information below, details the environmental support and conformance for the 5.4.1 release

Interset 5.4 is supported in the following environments:
CentOS 6.9, 7.3
Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.9, 7.3.0
Scientific Linux® 6.9, 7.3

Supported Data Sources
Interset 5.4 supports the following data sources. For .csv data sources, the delimiter can be customized.
Active Directory
Active Directory event logs stored in Splunk®
Active Directory event logs stored in HP Arcsight Logger
Active Directory event logs stored in McAfee® Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)
Active Directory event logs stored in IBM QRadar
Windows Security event logs (.csv)
Interset-extracted Windows event logs (.csv)
Universal Windows event logs (.csv)
Windows Event Viewer-extracted event logs (.csv)
Universal authentication logs
Universal Alerts stored in third-party DLP systems (.csv)
Version 5
Version 9
Version 10 (IPFIX)
P4AUDIT logs
Perforce Structured Server audit logs
GitHub Enterprise audit logs
Universal repository logs (.csv)
Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) AuditD logs (.csv)
Printer logs
Windows printer events stored in Splunk
Windows event logs (.csv)
Universal logs (.csv)
Universal Web Proxy (.csv)
Interset Endpoint data
Interset Violations

Other conformance areas:​

Distribution  Tested - Supported Compatible - Supported Unsupported
Ambari 2.4.x All others
Elasticsearch  5.2.2-1 5.2.x All others
HDP Stack 2.5.x All others
Cloudera  5.9.1-1 5.9.x All others


 6.8 (Updated to Sept 30) 6.8



All others

 6.9 6.9
 7.2 (Updated to Jan 09) 7.2
 7.3 (Updated to Mar 14) 7.3
Redhat  6.8 (Updated to Jan 16) 6.8



All others

 6.9 6.9
 7.2 (Updated to Sep 29) 7.2
 7.3 (Updated to Jan 18) 7.3
Scientific Linux  6.8 (Updated to Nov 22) 6.8



All others

 6.9 6.9
 7.2 (Updated to Jan 15) 7.2
 7.3 (Updated to Jan18) 7.3
Browser Support
Internet Explorer  11.0.9600.18524 11.x


Microsoft Edge  38.14393.0.0 38.x


Google Chrome  56.0.2924.87 Windows/Mac 54.x


FireFox  49.02 49.x  
 50.0 50.x  
 52.0.2 52.x  
Safari  10.0.3 10.x
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