Using Workflow with ServiceNow

In order to send notifications from Workflow to ServiceNow as incidents, a non-interactive user must be created. This ensures that the account used to send notifications only has write access via the API. Additional security settings can also be configured.

To create a non-interactive user in ServiceNow, follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to User Administration > Users.
2) Click New and enter the non-interactive user's information.
3) Select the Active check box.
4) Select the Web Service Access Only check box.
5) Click Submit.

ServiceNow supports both basic and OAuth authentication. To obtain an OAuth access token, see the link here.

If using basic authentication, generate your authorization header by base64 encoding your username and password separated by a colon. For example, admin:password translates to 
YWRtaW52cGFzc3dewmQ= in base64.

Create your workflow with Call a REST API as the outcome. An example is provided below:

Workflow: Risk Score above 80
IF Interset Analytics detects a user whose name is joshua.newman has
A risk score that is greater than 80


Headers: Accept:application/json;Content-Type:application/json;Authorization:Basic <token>
   'short_description':'Risk score change',
   'work_notes':'A risk score above 80 has been detected, see',
   'assignment_group':'IT Securities',

Typically, you will want to send data to the Incident table. Use the link here for more information about the ServiceNow REST API.

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