How To: Enable Alerting in Ambari

Enable Alerting in Ambari

HDP Ambari has a set of pre-defined alerts. They cover most of the components we are using: machine level, Flume, Hbase, HDFS, Kafka, Yarn, Storm, Zookeeper.

HDP Ambari UI provides the interface to modify settings of these alerts. We can modify the thresholds for alert levels, check intervals, etc. We can also enable or disable individual alerts.  But it does not have an interface to add custom alerts.

Pre-defined alerts are packaged into groups. Users can also add custom groups and pick alerts into the custom groups.

Notification can be set up for alert groups. With HDP 2.5(Ambari 2.4), there are two types of notification, SNMP or Email.

The instructions on how to configure custom alert groups and notifications in Ambari 2.4 is here:

Below are steps to set up a custom group called Interset. Some disk space, cpu related and percent of alive components alerts are picked into the group.



To set up a Notification on this group:

This is an example of email notification:

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