How To: Create A Local Yum Repository For Interset 5.2 Installation

In order to create a mirror of the repository required for Interset 5.2 installation, simply download and extract the repo52.tgz file from (contact Interset Support for required access credentials). 

This file should be extracted to the root level of your repository (e.g. /var/www/html/).

Important Notes: 

  • The Interset installation also requires access to the CentOS/RHEL base repository in order to retrieve multiple dependencies that are not bundled with the Interset mirror. Please ensure that this is available either by manual mirroring of the repository, or through the use of an RHEL satellite server.
  • Each node in the Interset cluster will need to be able to access the local repositories.
  • Ensure that the "mirror" variable in the interset-5.2/ file is updated to reflect your repository URL (e.g. mirror="").
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