What are persistentSessions?

In Interset 5.0 there is a new parameter in the API for user accounts called "persistentSessions". This parameter, set to "true" or "false", determines whether or not a user will be logged out due to inactivity.

This parameter is for use by "service" accounts only (e.g. Workflow_0) and should not be set for users who will access the UI.

The reasoning behind this, is that the session for the Workflow_<TID> user may become idle if no data is being evaluated by Workflow, however it still needs to be able to access data immediately as it is available. The reason that this parameter should not be used for interactive users, is that it can introduce stale sessions in the system, and if multiple users are logged in to the same account (e.g. admin) a single logout will terminate the session for all of the users. Additionally, this would override normal timeouts that log users out of the system for workstation security purposes.

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