How To: Configure iptables/firewalld for Interset Servers

By default, the Interset installation requires iptables/firewalld to be disabled to prevent any blockers during the installation. If there is a requirement for these services (iptables/firewalld) we recommend for them to be configured and running once the installation is complete.

Please, see attached file for the full list of ports, separated by node roles.

Important Notes:

  • These configurations assume that all outgoing communication is permitted from each server.
  • Spark executors use randomized port numbers, it will not be possible to view stdout/stderr for executors (and possibly drivers) with a firewall configured in this fashion unless you whitelist specific hosts to have access to a massive port range. Suggestion would be to use yarn logs -applicationId <application ID> to retrieve logs in the scenario that this firewall configuration is used.
  • These documents are provided as-is, and are for reference only. These may require further configuration depending on your environment, and Interset is not responsible for any issues that arise from their use.
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